The other Korn members aren’t Stillwell fans

Fieldy gave an insightful interview about his relationship with former Korn guitarist Head and about the other members of Korn’s opinion on his side project. I use ‘insightful’ loosely, because who cares, right? But still, maybe you have weird tastes in music and actually give a damn, so here you go:

It seems I’ll get in touch with [Brian ‘Head’ Welch] about once a year or so. I’m probably about due to call him and say what’s up. But he’s out touring with his band. To tell you the truth, I don’t even know what happened with him leaving Korn. I know some goofy words were said back and forth, but I bet you nobody in Korn could even tell you for sure. I think it’d be cool if he came back and rocked with us. I’d be down. But there’s three other dudes in the band, so I don’t know.

Is he saying what I think he’s saying? Could Head eventually come back in Korn? Is Korn gonna mix Christian Metal with their delightful mix of rock, rap and whatever else they include in their amazing sound? Wow!!! Sounds AWESOME!

They actually watch us almost every night, but they don’t seem very animated about things, for some reason. They’re not coming up to me, like, “Dude, that is sooo dope!” But I’ll see Jonathan watching us from the side of the stage from time to time. I saw Munky  watching us from the soundboard the other night.

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Can you really blame Jonathan and Munky for not going “That is sooo dope!” about Stillwell? No one can lie with such conviction.

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