Some guy thinks no one has heard of Megadeth

Some guy (Joe Principe) from some band (Rise Against) I’ve heard very little of, was recently asked in an interview whether the band had faced legal action from Dave Mustaine or Megadeth as their new album is also titled Endgame.

His response was “No, he hasn’t. You know what’s funny?! This kind of goes to show you how many people know about the Megadeth record. It’s like no one… One kid said something, ‘Hey, isn’t that a Megadeth title?’ But other than that, no one knows.”

Oh really, Joe? No one knows about Megadeth‘s latest album? Why don’t you come back and say that when Rise Against have sold 150,000 copies in the US with their album titled Endgame? Because that’s how many copies Megadeth have sold with their Endgame and I’m willing to bet that’s a lot more copies than you’ll ever sell. Perhaps it’s just that Rise Against‘s general target audience is 15 year old girls, and that’s why your fans know nothing about Megadeth. Just a hunch…

This isn’t really news, so God knows why Blabbermouth are posting it. Probably to get a rise out of their users. This does beg the question, however, why am I posting this?

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