Guitar Tivo

Luckily, this image has nothing to do with the article.

Hey you guitar geeks, had enough of YouTube? Some Justin Bieber fan disliked your video clip 34 times?
Two things: 1) Read this. 2) Go here.

What is the second thing? Here’s what my source had to say:

GuitarTV.com is a 24-hour interactive channel loaded with streaming videos of legendary guitar performances by some of the world’s most famous guitarists, interviews, lessons, live broadcasts, and more. GuitarTV.com is also a place for passionate fans of the instrument to connect with each other.

It’s done by Steve Vai and some other guy, and it’s got all sorts of interesting stuff. When I opened it, I saw Andy McKee playing his dick guitar (I’m not lying). Fun times, so check it out and let us know what you thought about it.

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