Steven Tyler denies having a large penis

Oh boy, here we go…

So, Steven Adler told a story about walking in on Steven Tyler screwing four women, and described his penis as being ‘the biggest in rock ‘n’ roll.’ In anyone’s book, that’s a huge compliment. Someone’s a witness to your incredible sexual feat AND is testifying about the size of your manhood. Where do I sign up for such press?

Don’t get me wrong, Tyler, but an eyewitness to your being heterosexual is something to cherish when you wear tight leather pants and makeup. I’m just saying.

So being the sexually secure guy that he is, Steven Tyler denied the claims. Yes, really.

First of all, I’ve never been with a guy when I’ve been with three or four women. I just don’t swing that way; I’m sorry. Thank god I got sober. I might have wound up… Who knows?! I wasn’t that promiscuous, let’s just say. [Adler] was dreaming about my schlong.

Read full article here.

I don’t know what’s sadder, Adler feeling the need to talk about Tyler’s ‘big penis,’ Tyler denying it, or me writing about it… Either way, there goes my credibility with the ladies. The fact that I’m ‘blogging’ wasn’t chasing chicks away fast enough, I had to write penis articles to make them run even faster.


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