Remembering: The Agony Scene

So, the other day we all sat together, drank tea and remembered the good old days of Pushmeunder. Oh, no we didn’t. I did all that, you lot were too busy having your personal details stolen from the Playstation Network (forgive me for not knowing the correct term) and watching the latest Sasha Grey film.

So this time, why don’t I help you remember a band we should all be able to remember? Well that’s what I’m doing, hopefully…

The Agony Scene were a band a lot of people seemed to hate. They burst onto the scene on a Christian Metal label, then later claimed they weren’t in fact Christians, and released a lot of relatively generic Deathcore/Metalcore/Applecore type music. So why am I remembering them? Well, I actually happened to like a few of their songs and, to me, they stood out at that time for not reducing themselves to constantly ripping off In Flames (although they do rip off At The Gates) and alternating between screams and clean vocals.

I used to love the track ‘Scapegoat’ taken from 2005’s The Darkest Red album, and guess what? You can watch the live video above. It’s pretty damn “Br00tal” as the trendy kids would say.

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