Remembering: Pushmeunder

This little segment I’m running today, is done so to remember the bands that left us all too soon, that left a mark on some of our lives. What’s that, I hear you ask? Who the fuck are Pushmeunder? Ok then, what I’m saying is, I will be remembering a random band you’ve never heard of, and you’ll be sat reading thinking either “wow, this a really interesting read. This band is great, and Mark is awesome for introducing them” or more likely “I’m bored, where’s the porn?”

Regardless, Pushmeunder were a band from the UK, that I really got into about 5 or 6 years ago. They released one EP, called The Day Lacks Colour, The Night Lacks Promise, which managed to gain brilliant reviews from magazines such as Kerrang and Metal Hammer. However, for whatever reason, the band disbanded shortly after and all the members moved onto other projects. The drummer actually went on to join Esoteric, who I have posted about before.

Overall, I still think Pushmeunder were a great band and broke up way too soon. A lot of people cannot get into the vocals and production, but musically I think the band are top notch, combining the best elements of bands like Mogwai, Envy and Cult of Luna. The band’s song ‘It’s Hell on Earth But We’re Safe in Our Black Hole’ can be listened to above.

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