Weekly Dose of Metal: Esoteric

I’m writing for Dose of Metal, so obviously I’m a fairly big fan of Metal. However, I have a bit of a confession to make, I’ve never been a huge fan of Doom Metal. It’s just not depressing enough for me, and way too cheery. I mean Jeeze guys, not everything is all fun and games you know?

Not to worry though, because in Esoteric, I found a Doom Metal band (Progressive Doom Metal even) that are not only awesome but also really, really depressing. Fantastic stuff!

Esoteric formed back in 1992, and have been going strong since despite a few line-up alterations over the years. The band incorporates highly acute, somewhat distorted vocals and samples over slow paced riffs and atmospheric melodies. And I’ll be honest, I just stole that from Wikipedia, because I’m way to lazy to describe the band myself.

The band’s song ‘Circles‘ taken from 2008’s The Maniacal Vale can be found below.

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