O Canada, we stand on guard for metal

Sweden, Germany, England and Finland.  Four countries that are known for releasing mega metal acts over the years.  Heck, even the U.S. have produced quality metal.  What about Canada, though?  Besides Strapping Young Lad, you don’t really hear too much Canadian metal.  So, that’s why I’m here!  To provide you with 5 awesome Canuck bands.

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Into Eternity

Genre: Heavy Metal/Melodic Death
Origin: Regina, Saskatchewan
Formed: 1997
Best album: Buried in Oblivion
Best songs: Point of UncertaintyAbsolution of the SoulBuried in Oblivion

Did they ever suck?  ‘The Scattering of Ashes‘ doesn’t suck.  It’s a pretty good album, but definitely not on par with their previous work.  Never actually listened to their most recent offering,  ‘The Incurable Tragedy‘, so I have no opinion on that album.


Genre: Death Metal
Origin: Montreal, Quebec
Formed: 1992
Best album: Once Was Not
Best songs: Slit Your Guts, We BleedThe Curse of the Great

Did they ever suck?  They currently do.  Not sure how you go from being one of the best brutal death metal bands to releasing a trendy piece of garbage death-core album with clean vocals.  Most of their fans hated ‘The Unspoken King,’ so I imagine they’re going to drop the core and bring the brutality back.


Genre: Heavy Metal
Origin: Toronto, Ontario
Formed: 2006
Best album: Burning Fortune
Best songs: Conjure The Mass, Miss You To Death, Tears Have Come

Did they ever suck? No. ‘ Chained to the Nite‘ was great and ‘Burning Fortune‘ actually surpasses it. Jason Decay’s old band, Goat Horn, was head bang worthy as well.  Definitely no suckage here.

Quo Vadis

Genre: Technical Death Metal
Origin: Amos/Abitibi, Quebec
Formed: 1993
Best album: Defiant Imagination
Best songs: I BelieveBreak the Cycle, Dead Man’s Diary

Did they ever suck?  No way. These guys have actually progressed with each release.   They had a huge lineup change a couple years ago, so I’m curious how they’re going to sound on their next album.

3 Inches Of Blood

Genre: Heavy Metal
Origin: Vancouver, British Columbia
Formed: 1999
Best album: A 3-way tie.  Seriously.  Advance and VanquishFire Up the Blades, and Here Waits Thy Doom.
Best songs: WykydtronTrial Of Champions, Preacher’s Daughter

Did they ever suck?  I hate to say this but yes, they kind of did at one point. Actually, saying they used to suck might not be fair.  ‘Battlecry Under a Wintersun‘ just isn’t a very good album.  They never play songs off that album anyway (at least the 3 times I’ve seen them live), so maybe we have the same opinion on ‘Battlecry Under a Wintersun.’  Luckily the three albums after that give me a huge hard on.

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