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Cryptopsy might sound good again

Canadian death metal legends Cryptopsy did something really productive – they recently hired their old guitar player Jon Levasseur back to the band.

Jon Levasseur, former lead guitarist and major creative contributing force behind None So Vile, Whisper Supremacy, And Then You’ll Beg… has returned to the band. The combination of Jon and Chris Donaldson has revived the power and energy of the infamous Cryptopsy string section, without losing the backup vocals and creative talent of Youri Raymond whom is now playing the six string bass. Eric Langlois has, for now, decided to step back and take a break from the Cryptopsy family. The reborn and fully motivated chemistry of Matt, Chris, Youri, Jon and Flo is determined to make an impact in 2011 and beyond.”

Now they need Lord Worm back on vocals and they would be back on track.  Actually, to be fair, I don’t dislike the new vocalist like everyone else does.  He isn’t that bad.  He just needs to drop the clean vocals.  As for the rest of the band, they need to drop the core elements, stop trying to fit in with the current metal scene and get back to creating brutal death metal albums.  That’s what made them a household name in metal.  That being said, I’m praying to god their upcoming album is better than that piece of garbage, ‘The Unspoken King‘.


O Canada, we stand on guard for metal

Sweden, Germany, England and Finland.  Four countries that are known for releasing mega metal acts over the years.  Heck, even the U.S. have produced quality metal.  What about Canada, though?  Besides Strapping Young Lad, you don’t really hear too much Canadian metal.  So, that’s why I’m here!  To provide you with 5 awesome Canuck bands.

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