Stephen King hearts Metallica

Stephen King is a bit like Ozzy Osbourne. His 70s work is legendary but he’s done so much filler stuff since then, it’s hard to take him seriously nowadays. Which is probably why he doesn’t really like Ozzy or Black Sabbath. But instead loves Metallica.

“Metallica, Anthrax. I still listen to those guys … There’s a band called The Living Things that I like a lot. Very loud group. I never cared for Ozzy very much. [Black Sabbath] doesn’t really work for me. ‘I AM IRON MAN!’

Read full interview here.

I don’t think anyone blames him for not being a huge Ozzy fan but making fun of Black Sabbath? Really? Ozzy should send an evil clown to haunt this guy…

When asked if he he’s honored by this statement, big horror fan Kirk Hammett had no comment. He just said ‘tee hee hee’ and wept.

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