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Aren’t we just awesome? While Guido was busy listening to new bands, I was busy copy/pasting posting freshly released music links. So what’s new?

VYGR have posted a new song to their Facebook page (note the URL), and it’s from their new cleverly named album Voyager. Why name the band in such a way that you’d need to name the album properly just so people would get it is beyond me.

Blindside, the band I once saw opening for Mudvayne (in 2003, you know, before this) and of which I have absolutely no memory of, also have something new. Go here if you’re interested in it.

Another band has something new. But this time, a whole album available for streaming. Above Symmetry‘s the name, above crap is the game. Hopefully, but I wouldn’t know anything about it because I’m too busy listening to Mudvayne right now.

Just kidding. You too.

Deranged have been pretty busy as well, and have come up with something for you to kill a few minutes of your time with. Click here.

Anvil have also been working hard. Unfortunately, it’s not a new documentary, but they have a new song. FukenEh!

That’s it…

NOT! Surprise round of new music videos after the jump.

The Chariot have a video for The City. If only I knew who they were I might have clicked play… Oh well…

After 28 years, the Stampede have decided to have some fun. The result: Having Fun. Fun fun.

Underoath also have a new video, but unfortunately, no fancy video box for this one. You have to retweet or share on Facebook to see it, and you can do so here.

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