Duff wants a job

It’s been established that Duff isn’t loaded. So it’s no surprise that he wants a job.

I’d love to play with Prince. I played on the Iggy Pop record, and he’s my guy… I played with Steve Jones; he’s my guitar hero. Prince is the guy, probably the biggest musical influence all around for me, and I got to meet him one time, but I was so fucking tongue-tied that I didn’t know what to say… But to be able to play on a song or something like that; that would be pretty badass, just on a personal level.

Read full interview here.

Aww, little Duff got starstruck when meeting Prince. Bless him. Maybe Prince is reading this website and will hire you. After his guitar getting the top spot in our article, I can’t see why he wouldn’t be our fan.

Fingers crossed, yo.


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