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Anvil drop the bass… player

Glenn Five (ex-Anvil)

Trouble in paradise: long time Anvil bassist, Glenn Five has left the band.

This is what he had to say:

“Playing in Anvil has given me some of the best years of my life. However, after nearly 16 years with the band, the time has come to move on and try new musical endeavors. Although Anvil has been a great band to play in, I have been limited creatively. I have a wide taste in music and I feel that it’s time to broaden my horizons.”

OMG guise, I feel a new rockstar-turned-dubstep-DJ has been born. I can already feel the anvil wub wubs. Will he drop G5-magnitude bass? So many question, so little interest to finish the article on Blabbermouth and see what he’s really up to.


Anvil also got interviewed

Yeah baby, keeping it minimalistic today.


Anvil will tour the U.S.

Canadian metal band Anvil Lavigne are going on an American tour next month.

I have to say, I was really touched by their documentary, so I’m really happy to see these guys succeed. But I was also touched by a priest when I was little, so you can see how my judgment might be slightly clouded. Amen.

Anyway, make the jump for a full list of dates I stole got from Blabbermouth.


Anvil are super famous

That’s right, if you hadn’t heard, Canadian legends, Anvil, have now progressed from being ‘just famous’ to now being “super famous”, At least that’s what drummer Robb Reiner’s assessment of the band is. Not that he’s biased or anything, of course.

He’s also modest and didn’t feel any pressure with writing the band’s new album, Juggernaut of Justice, released in May 2011.

Well, let’s be realistic. Of course we felt no pressure, because we had the material in hand all along and our mission was to make the most true-to-the-classic-form Anvil album we’ve ever made and we had to make sure that we stood up and that we were gonna be counted this time, musically. We were looking forward to the challenge more than the pressure, you know. We had no choice but to do it and I think that we’re definitely are gonna be counted this time.”

Source: Blabbermouth.

In other news, my lunch is super awesome and I’m just about to wash my super comfortable clothes.


Anvil aren’t greedy

Are you one of those little bitches who complain about having to spend a few bucks on an album and invoke ‘greed,’ even though they’re obviously greedy themselves for not sparing some money for someone’s hard work ?

Well, you’re in luck, because Canadians Anvil Lavigne are streaming their new album for free. Imagine that, now you’re $13 richer.

The album, called I’m the Juggernaut Of Justice bitch will hit stores May 10th and has been recorded at Dave Grohl’s Studio 606.

Listen to it here and make the jump to see the cover and track listing.

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