Metal jokes

No, this post isn’t about Korn (it could be, but they’re not Metal are they?), but about Metal inspired jokes. Everyone loves jokes right? Laughing is good, apart from when it’s about the size of my penis, so on with ’em.

If you have some jokes of your own, feel free to post them in the comments section. BTW, most of these jokes aren’t written by myself, because like Trivium, I can’t write my own material and just like to “borrow” other people’s shit. Anyways…

Why did Euronymous cross the road? He didn’t, Varg stabbed him in the head.

Funniest Metal joke? St Anger.

How do you know when its time to kick your drummer out? When he brings a song he wrote to practice.

How do you get a technical Death Metal player to slow down? Put sheet music in front of him.

Brad Delson (Linkin Park) and Brian Carroll had a guitar shredding show-off. The guy who lost would be punished by wearing a KFC bucket on his head for the rest of his life (Brad Delson facts)

Credit to some of these jokes go to the users over at the Ultimate Guitar forum. Now it’s time for you to share yours, so get to it.

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