How To: Write a song like Max Cavalera

Max Cavaler

Anyone can write a Max Cavalera song. Read on to see how easy it is.

1. Choose one of the following subjects: death, rebellion, random angst at “them,” higher spiritual entity Max won’t call God.

I used a random number generator and got death.

2. Make a song title. Use the word you got and add an adjective that will make it “tough” and most likely nonsensical. I thought for half a second, and came up with “Dying Death.”

3. Write lyrics. Highly suggested to choose 4 words and repeat them as much as possible.

Death, dying, dead, die
Death, dying, dead, die
You motherfucker, dieeeeee
Death, dying, dead, die,
Death, dying, dead, die,
Why oh whyyyyyyyyy

4. Write the chorus. Just go along with what you have already. I know what it needs. More death. Add subtle reference to your soul flying somewhere high.

Each time you’re in my eye
A piece of me just wants to die
You motherfucker and your lies
In dying death I reach the skies

5. Write music for it. Just take an older Soulfly song and rearrange it a bit. Hire Mark Rizzo to put a random flamenco sounding solo in there. He doesn’t have to hear the song first, as I believe he truly doesn’t most of the time.

There you have it. Having said all of this, Sepultura just released a new studio webisode. Watch it.

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