Remember Cannibal Corpse in Ace Ventura?

Ace Ventura

How could this picture have anything to do with metal, right? Wrong! Here’s another little piece of metal trivia a friend of mine on Facebook reminded me of, continuing from our older post on Anthrax appearing in Married With Children. This is the first time Facebook was actually useful for me, other than the usual stalking that goes on.

Any metalhead who likes Jim Carrey (or at least tolerates him) has fond memories of the first Ace Ventura movie. Why? Because Cannibal Corpse appear in it performing Hammer Smashed Face, that’s why! If your memory is anything like mine, you’ll need a reminder. Read on!

We especially hold this clip close to our hearts, because just like this site, it shows that humor and (even death) metal can mix. The legend behind the clip says that Cannibal Corpse were Jim Carrey‘s favorite band, and that he personally insisted they be included in the film. This was never quite well documented and proven by the the actor though, and the final blow to this story came last year, when Jim Carrey‘s son in law (who’s in a death metal band) denied that Jim likes death metal in a comment posted on Blabbermouth.

Dose of Metal is currently hard at work trying to contact Jim himself to finally solve one of metal’s greatest mysteries.

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