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Don’t listen to Metallica and drive

Here is a clip from Romania with a Metallica fan too busy listening to Master of Puppets to notice the large SUV cutting him off. Shit happens, I guess.

I don’t know who was behind the wheel but I assume it was Dracula.

Don’t worry, both drivers are fine and have no injuries. I hope they learned their lesson: When driving, only listen to Pantera.

Source: TraficTube


Everyone can play guitar like Jaymz

A few good months ago, we told you that all you need to play guitar like James “Yeeeaaaah” Hetfield is to have his signature picks. Someone listened.

Not only did he get the picks, he also got a similar looking guitar and a similar looking shirt and tried to cover the video above. The result? Absolutely amazing. Metal riffing at its finest.

Make the jump to see it. James, if you’re reading it, I hope you’re taking notes.


Clipping Death

Ever since Metallica won the loudness war in 2008, this clip has been floating around YouTube. Not only is it a great cover, but the lyrics are pretty funny (and true) and the Photoshopped album covers in the video itself are hilarious.

All in all, this is a great video and I’m surprised it doesn’t get as much attention as it should. Since news is slow as shit right now, might as well post random shit here to pass time.

Enjoy the video. It might be old but I bet many people haven’t seen it. Read more about the guys behind it here.


Guitar Lesson: Improvisation Solo

Today’s video is about solo improv. You know the score. You get some friends over, they ask you to play guitar. You have skills, but don’t know exactly which scales to use and how sound like a pro.

This video is a great example of perfect improvisation. Learn this in a few minutes and impress your friends! Video after the jump.


How to be a "hot Metal chick"

What, this isn’t Metal news? Well fuck off, some of us need beauty tips, alright!

Ever wanted to be a hot metal chick? Yeah, me too. They call me Marlene in the clubs, but I don’t think I’ve quite got the Metal edge yet…

Good news though, some chick is here to the rescue to give you tips, because we all know Metal is about image and fashion, and not about the music.

If you want to be hot metal chick (and are over 18), ignore the advice in the video after the jump, and instead pose naked with a guitar or something, and send pictures/videos to:

Mark @ Dose of Metal,

666 Metal Avenue,


B00 3IES

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