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Weekly Dose of Metal: The Absence

The Absence are an American Melodic Death Metal band with Thrash influences, and are noticeable within the genre for being one of the only bands not to rip At The Gates off.

Just kidding, they kind of do. But what’s a few ‘borrowed’ riffs when the bulk of the music kicks ass and the band stand out as masters’ of their craft?

Check out the song ‘Heaven Ablaze’ below, taken from the band’s 2005 debut, From Your Grave, below.


Bands I’ve somehow missed out on

Sometimes I’m so busy listening to the 5 bands I like (Pantera, Pantera, Pantera, Pantera, Machine Head), that I just miss out on new bands, so I decided to go out of my way and just listen to some random bands I’ve never heard of before.

I’ve listened to four bands that I’ve never heard of before and one band stood out, ‘The Absence.’ I’ve listened to their album ‘Riders Of The Plague’ and holy shit, it’s awesome. Do yourself a favor and listen to the song below.

What else did I miss out on? If you know a band, that hasn’t been covered on a lot of metal blogs etc., and they kick serious ass, tell me about them! I’m just a fan and I love to hear about new bands.


Evergrey are going on tour

A pretty decent tour is happening throughout Canada and the United States this fall.  Progressive metal giants Evergrey are headlining the tour and they’re bringing out Swedish metal band Sabaton, video game geeks Powerglove, a band that really wants to sound like Children of Bodom named Black Guard and The Absence, who quite frankly just bore me to death.

Click here to purchase the tickets and make the jump to see if this show is coming through your area.

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