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Metal fans will love Billy Talent

A quite a bit more acts have been added to the upcoming metal festivals, Heavy T.O and Heavy MTL. Both festivals will be held July 23-24 at Parc Jean-Drapeau in Montreal, Quebec and at Downsview Park in Toronto, Ontario.

Make the jump for the line-ups and additional babbling.


Testament are studio bound

Legendary Bay Area Thrashers, Testament are heading for the studio in March to record the follow-up to The Formation Of Damnation.

I could spend hours typing up all the details, or you could stop being lazy and just watch the video after the jump. Or you could do what I’m doing, and that’s watching a beautiful romantic comedy called Snow White Bangs 7 Dwarfs. It has a fantastic script and wasn’t filmed on a crappy camcorder like the video below.


Interview: Chuck Billy (Testament)

Thanks to Natalie Camillo, I got to do an email interview with the man, the legend Chuck Billy of Testament.

Actually it wasn’t an email interview per se. I sent my questions via email, Ms. Camillo asked Billy the questions via phone and she sent me the answers back. Sounds complicated? Well, I can barely turn on my Xbox 360 without getting confused, so all this technology and electronic mail thingy is making my head spin.

Check out the interview after the jump.


Testament answers your questions

Eric Peterson and Alex Skolnick, guitar players for Testament, recently answered fan-submitted questions for Fret 12.  They talk about everything including their guitar collection, the current metal scene and even brought up Dose Of Metal as the best upcoming metal news site on the web(okay, that was a huge lie).

All the videos after the jump!

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