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Weekly Dose of Metal: Sybreed

And now it’s time for the weekly dose of Metal, as opposed to the random dose of Metal or even “today’s” dose of Metal. Confused? Remind me of my sexuality.

This week’s dose comes from a Swiss Industrial band, Sybreed. The band have been dubbed as “death wave”, a portmanteau of Death Metal and New Wave. And when I say they’ve been “dubbed”, I mean that’s just what Wikipedia informed me.

You can check out Sybreed‘s ‘A.E.O.N.’ taken from 2009’s The Pulse of Awakening below.


Sybreed to release Challenger EP this April

Swiss Metallers Inbreed Sybreed have announced they have recorded a new song called “Challenger”, which will be released as part of an EP, for download on April 23 on iTunes. Three remixes from BAK XIII, Voicians and Drop (I really have no ideo who any of those are) will also come as part of the download.

This release is apparently to serve as a teaser of the kind of music the band are currently working on for the follow to 2010’s The Pulse Of Awakening. The band’s next album isn’t expected to be released until 2012, so hopefully it hits before the world ends.

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