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Weak Recap: Third time’s a charm

Another week in Metal has gone by, and your favorite Metal site, Dose of Metal, is back to give you an awesome recap of the week. Maybe you missed something, maybe you were too busy having a life and spending time with a real girlfriend to keep up to date. Luckily for you though, there are virgins like myself, that have nothing better to do than spend every waking moment of my life on this site.

So this week, I shall be interviewing Simo. He’s awesome, he’s a place in Finland (According to Wikipedia), and my interview with himself can be found after the jump.


Tuesday Trivia: Killing in the name of…

Killing in the name of

So, what do you get when you combine Metallica and Linkin Park? St. Anger? Kind of, but not what I’m talking about. Summer Sanitarium tour 2003? Well, that happened, but again, not the point of this article. What exactly is the point of this article?

Actually, this piece of trivia doesn’t have a direct correlation between the two. There’s a third party involved which is the bond. I know you’re interested, well read on.


Tuesday Trivia: Got djent?

Got djent?

Yeah, got djent? Do you even know what the fuck djent is? Well, read on and find out.


Anarchy in the UK

What’s this, what’s this, Dose of Metal going all political on your ass? You betcha! Vote for us. We’ll be corrupt like no politician was before, but at least we’ll be honest about it.

Anywho, some dude in the Britain’s House of Parliament was bored by his colleague, so he started air guitaring with his notebook. Who can blame him? Either that, or he has a funny way of touching himself and was air jerking. Who can blame him?


Metal just got its greatest journalist

Crud Wizard

Here I am, thinking I’ve seen it all. And I tried to spend the night browsing for some new beastiality clips, but I couldn’t find anything new. So I guess I did pretty much see it all… In my quest to kill a few minutes, I stumble on this gem on Reddit.

Meet Ezra, a 9 year old metal blogger. His favorite band is Iron Maiden, and he hates Reagan, and hippies, and Jesus. Seems a bit weird? Well, that’s him in the picture above, and I did start the article by mentioning beastiality. Now I’ve involved a small kid in the mix, so weird is an understatement.

But I digress. Over at his blog, you can read all sorts of awesome shit, like James Bond movie reviews, State of the day, and metal album reviews. Here’s a line from his review of Master of Puppets:

This is no album for wimps. This is a great album. My favorite part of this is the lyrics ” the weak are ripped and torn away…” That’s awesome. What makes it awesome is how James Hetfield sings it. It is also about batteries.

This is the style of writing we at Dose of Metal are aspiring to achieve one day. This kid > everyone.

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