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Korn guitarist is romantic

Korn‘s Munky is one of the best metal guitarists of all time. By ‘best’ I mean ‘pretty bad,’ and by ‘metal guitarist’ I mean ‘nu-metal power chorder.’

But still, the guy is famous enough to marry a known actress, by ‘famous’ I mean ‘not famous at all’ and by ‘known actress’ I mean ‘who the hell is she?’

I don’t want to be a party pooper, cause marriage is a pretty beautiful thing… If by beautiful you mean emasculating, depressing, and sad. Anyway, Munky married a girl in France. He proposed to her on the Eiffel Tower… 3, 2, 1…


And according to Radar Online, they’re going to a secret location for their honeymoon. Judging by Korn‘s latest effort’s success, I’m betting the ‘secret location’ will be McDonald’s or something.

When asked what he thought of his former bandmate’s wedding, former Korn guitarist Brian “Head” Welch said “No comment” and nailed himself to a cross.


Another Korn story – World yawns

Munky of Korn was interviewed again, for some reason. This time he was interviewed by The Pulse Of Radio. You can check the interview out at Blabbermouth.

In the interview, Munky describes how home is the place to be at Christmas, and that’s literally it.

Well Munky, fucking duh! I hate people, so Christmas is awesome, because you get to spend it without seeing a single other person. Plus you have a chance to get smashed. Brilliant.

Meanwhile, Korn fans have the difficult decision to decide whether to buy the new album this Christmas for $15, or wait until next Christmas when they’ll be able to get the band to perform in their living room for the same price. Personally, I’d choose neither, because Korn suck.


Korn guitarist found new album challenging

Munky of Korn fame recently spoke to Peter Hodgson of IHeartGuitarBlog.com about the recording of the new album, The Path of Totality.

The Korn guitarist has described the making of the album as ‘challenging’ (I know what you mean Munky, I found it challenging to listen to) and discussed some other stuff I was way too lazy to read. Honestly, reading that drivel was more depressing than the time I got hit by a car.

You can read it all over at Blabbermouth.


Korn probably sold enough records to make another shitstep album

I’m not gonna lie, I don’t really like Korn, and that’s putting it nicely. Thing is, when they decided to add dubstep to their sound, I realized I hate them almost as much as I hate Linkin Park or Nine Inch Nails.

The problem with tier dubstep album is that it sold enough records to warrant another ‘effort’ from them where the only instrument used is a Macbook Pro. I wish it would have pulled a Lulu and just failed, just to teach them a lesson. Instead, it probably sent a message: “Make your shitty music even shittier by adding random computer-generated beats to it — it will sell even in this shitty economy.”

“Korn‘s 10th studio album, The Path Of Totality, sold 55,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 10 on The Billboard 200 chart.”

Read full article here.

Congratulations people, way to ruin an already ruined music scene.

After the jump I will treat you to a listenable song from this band, with one of my favorite music videos of all time.


Want to listen to the new Korn album?


Hate torrents? Afraid of RIAA? Well, you can now do it legally, via Roadrunner’s website. Click here to listen to The Path of Totality.

If you’re up for some mind-blowing guitar solos, faster than light drumming and bass lines that make Evan Brewer shit his pants, you’re at the wrong place, bro.

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