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Blast From The Past: Khoma – The Second Wave (2006)

For fans of:  Cult of Luna / A Perfect Circle / Muse / Radiohead

‘Supergroups’ often fall deep into the trap of being overhyped by the media and fans and thus, at times, fail to reach the heights expected once the music is actually released.  Khoma managed to escape any real hype and ended up releasing one of my favourite albums of 2006.  The Second Wave is an album that passed by without even a blink from the mainstream.  It always seemed bizarre to me that an album that fits so well into the Indie trend (yeah don’t stop reading here. Trust me) that was big at the time would not receive any of the recognition that it deserves.  It suddenly hit me one day though; unlike other bands in that genre, Khoma are heavy.  They are very heavy and experimental.  This definitely helps them stand out from their contemporaries.  It’s almost a crime that Khoma have never got the attention they deserve, but to those that open their eyes to their music, Khoma provide something really special.

Khoma was formed from members of Cult of Luna, The Perishers and Deportees coming together in order to experiment with complete musical freedom, creating music different from their own perspective bands.  Whereas remnants from those bands can be heard in The Second Wave (in particular Cult of Luna), the music is different enough to not fall into the trap of being too similar to the members’ other bands; another trap which a lot of ‘supergroups’ fall into.

Read on to see what I make of their first album, The Second Wave, released back in 2006.

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