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Want to play guitar like Jaymz?

Then buy his signature picks, yo!

Preferring picks with a bright tone and biting attack, Hetfield looked to Dunlop for the perfect tool for his fierce downward picking style.

Fuck practicing 5 hours a day and actually having talent. Buying these picks is all you need. More info after the jump


Jaymz always knew he was amazing

This is what James Hetfield, of Metallica, was asked in a recent interview.

If someone told you 30 years ago that in 30 years time, you would be playing a sold-out concert in Sydney, Australia, what would your reaction be?

Usually, when asked this bullshit cliché question, the interviewee is supposed to go on a modesty trip and be all “OMG I DO NOT KNOW! I NEVER EXPECTED THIS!” blah blah blah. Not our man Papa Het, though. He’s keeping it real. His answer?

I would have said, ‘You bet. You bet I am.’ That was it. I was gonna do it.

So if you were wondering if success and fame changed Metallica, nope, they were always like this.


James Hetfield is richer than you

Do you want to feel bad about yourself? Well, then watch a video of James Hetfield talking about how much money he has and how he likes flying around in his jet on Blabbermouth.

When asked for comment about Metallica‘s latest crap fest ‘Death Magnetic’, Jaymz replied “Who cares? I’m rich, bitch!”.

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