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Cover your ears, close your eyes

How I looked when I heard that there might be new music by Poison

…It’s headlines time!

Bret Michaels said that one day, Poison might make new music again. What does this mean? When will it happen? Should I be wearing ear plugs at all times, or just when I’m near a radio? This is the music equivalent of walking through a minefield.

Suicide Silence have revealed the title for their upcoming album. It will be called The Black Crown and is expected to feature 2343 breakdowns.

People behind the Grammy Awards have decided to trim down categories. There used to be Best Metal Performance and Best Hard Rock Performance categories, but now we’ll only have… Best Metal/Hard Rock Performance. Genius.

3 Inches of Blood have a new song out, while Five Finger Death Punch have an old member out… Out of the band apparently. Does that make them Four Finger Death Punch now? I’m just kidding, like I know how many people play in that band.

And last but not least, Dose of Metal got more awesome.


As if two wasn't enough…

The band named after a lame move from Mortal Kombat (actually I may have made that up), Five Finger Death Punch have announced that they have starting planning their third album. Want to know what it’s going to sound like? Well, just like their first and second album, and most likely what all their albums are going to sound like. But don’t take my word for it, read what guitarist, Zoltan Bathory says below.

“The thing is, we found our sound, so to speak. It’s still going to evolve, but not drastically. If you put in Five Finger Death Punch’s first, second, or third record, you’ll still recognize that it is Five Finger Death Punch. You kind of stick to the sound that you have. Like any band that I was into, from Pantera to Metallica to Iron Maiden, you hear the first couple of riffs and you know it’s them. I think that identity is very important and it’s crazy to lose.”

Source: Metalhammer

I’m pretty sure that’s just called laziness, but hey, who am I to judge?

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