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Jane's Roses

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Why didn’t Dave Navarro join Guns N’ Roses?

a) Dave hated Axl
b) Axl is a homophobe
c) The universe is expanding
d) Dave had a heroin problem

Answer and info about your prize, after the jump.


Dave Navarro: Eco-terrorist

Is low IQ contagious? Because it seems Dave Navarro caught some from his ex-wife Carmen Electra, and joined the “noble” cause of PETA. He will be honored on their 30th Anniversary Gala and Humanitarian Awards, just like many hypocrite celebrities before who’ve used this to boost their damaged careers. Well, we hope he gets treated like the animals PETA saves.

He also (very vaguely) tried to explain what’s going on with his band Jane’s Addiction, which for years now seems to be stuck in a cycle of breaking up, reforming, changing line-ups, and not releasing any music. You can read about it here.

And, if you’re feeling particularly brave today, make the jump and see the meaningful and tastefully done PETA promo poster with Navarro himself. Be warned because it’s neither of the two.

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