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Weak Recap: We are Gods

Well ladies and gentlemen, this is a very special edition of our Weak Recap. I know what you’re thinking; “but Mark, every week you do the Weak Recap is a special one” and you’d be right. But this week’s is particularly special, because this is the 13th week of our awesome weekly recap feature. That means we’ve managed to keep this up for over 3 months, with each week just getting better and better. And 3 months is quite an achievement since the longest I’ve managed to keep a girlfriend is 2 hours.

So how’s this week going to improve as opposed to previous weeks? Well, this time I’m going to be interviewing Alex, meaning you have the two sexiest writers of DoM together for the first time! I have no idea how you ladies out there are going to contain your excitement.

So women, make sure you have a fresh pair of panties at hand, because it’s time for mine and Alex’s awesome love making session. Erm, I mean it’s time for us to recap the week. Just make the jump already!


Crucified Barbara will enter the studio

According to Blabbermouth, “Swedish all-girl hard rock band” (I’m puking all ready) Crucified Barbara will enter the studio this summer to begin recording its third full-length album for a late 2011 release.

Upon hearing this news, I have just a few questions. One, who the fuck is Barbara and why was she crucified? Is she like Jesus? Should I care? And finally, is the above picture enough to make me want to check out this band? I have no idea.

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