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Weak Recap: We’re with stupid

Aren’t we all a bit stupid at times? You just do something and then get your stupid on. It just happens. And I can’t blame you, for I write for a stupid blog myself with my fellow stupid writers.

Some bassists people do really stupid stuff though. Stuff that is so immensely stupid that you can’t do anything but shake your head and start pointing fingers. Two of those stories are topic to this week’s edition of Weak Recap.

But don’t take my word for it. Make the jump to read Dose of Metal’s recapitulation of the past week. Someone’s got to do it and point fingers.


Coheed and Cambria, Painkillers and Armed Robbery

What do you think when you’re looking at the guy on the right in the picture above? “That guy must be on drugs, I wonder when he’s going to snap and threaten to blow up a store with a fake bomb”? Well, you hit the nail right on the head.

That guy on the right is called Michael Todd and he’s the bassist of Coheed and Cambria, a terrible artsy band that drove the poor guy into an addiction for pain killers. Get it? Because their music is so terrible that poor Mikey’s ears hurt so bad that only drugs could take away the pain.

Of course, I’m fucking with you but only partly. Michael Todd was indeed arrested for armed robbery after he threatened to blow up a store with a fake bomb if they didn’t give him OxyContin, a pain pill. Obviously not just one pain pill but six bottles of pain pills. Why so many? Well, Coheed and Cambria were supposed to open for Soundgarden later on that very day. That’s double the pain.

Todd then fled via taxi but police soon arrested him. Now, who the fuck flees via taxi? That’s pretty much the most stupid way to flee from police, unless you’re Tom Cruise and your taxi driver’s Jamie Foxx.

According to TMZ, he “was charged with armed robbery and unlawful possession of prescription narcotics” and “is being held on $10,000 bail and will be arraigned on Monday morning.” Go to TMZ to read more on that and to see a mug shot of Todd.


Live Review: Deftones, Birmingham (UK) 20-11-10

Well, I just got back from seeing Deftones live at the O2 Academy in Birmingham, England, and what a night it was. I’m drenched in blood, sweat and beer, its 11:30pm, but what better way to end my night then post my exclusive review for the fellow readers of DoM.  Firstly, if you want a nice, informative, well written, review of the gig, go read fucking Kerrang or something. I did not go to the show with my pen and pad of paper ready to write every little detail down. No, I went straight to the front to rock out to some awesome music. So expect me just to write down whatever comes into my head, especially since I’m absolutely shattered. So, if you’re reading this and the day is Sunday or Monday, that means I fell asleep.

Read on to find out what I thought.


Coheed and Cambria will answer your questions

Got any questions for Coheed and Cambria? Like how come you suck? Or why do you spend more time writing stupid stories than actual songs? Or why will I have to put up with an hour of your “music” in order to see the band I paid to see, Deftones? Or when will the singer finally get a haircut? Or why did you trick me into giving your music a chance by labelling it Prog, when it’s anything but Prog? Or how did you trick me into reading this news when I could be busy watching porn?

If so, you can submit them to Metal Hammer, and the band will answer some of the questions in the next edition of the magazine (I’d guess).

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