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Head hit himself in the head


Brian “Head” Welch, the former guitarist for Korn, and current solo Christian artist touring bars and writing more books than he has probably read in his life, recently spent a good portion of his live show bleeding from his head. No, you can’t make shit like that up. Apparently, he banged his head against the mic stand. Hmmmm, yeah… Maybe if by “bang” he means “got in the way of” and by “mic stand” he means “an unidentified object from the audience”. Unfortunately that part wasn’t caught on video.

What’s fun is fun, but the beginning of the video you’re about to see if you make the jump goes into the “WTF” category, the guy is definitely suffering from a bit of an identity crisis, to put it nicely. He plays a few Korn songs after that, which makes it worth the watch. Or not.


Head spreads the word…

Ex Korn guitarist, Brian ‘Head’ Welch (the one that left because the voices inside his head told him to) was recently interviewed for Iowa based radio station, Lazer 103.3.

The guitarist turned solo-artist turned writer, is once again spreading the word of God and Christianity, by releasing another much needed book about Christianity (and by much needed, I mean not needed at all).

Of course, he’s not doing this for free, that wouldn’t be the Christian way.  If you fancy changing your life around and submitting yourself to God, simply send your money Head’s way, and he’ll “cure” you.  Head will release his new book, “Stronger: Forty Days Of Rock, Jesus, And Salvation”, on November 30 via HarperOne.

Check out the interview here if you want to hear more religious propaganda.

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