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Architects announce UK headline tour


If you happen to be stuck in the UK this April, a few things might help you make it an interesting experience:

  • beer (not UK related, helps everywhere)
  • nunchucks (in case a riot occurs so you can be safe)
  • seeing Architects live

The band has posted the dates for their April tour on their Facebook, the lineup also featuring Rolo Tomassi and Stray from the Path. If I weren’t too lazy, I’d type the dates myself, but I am… And I feel like I’m doing the band a favor as it is. You can see a photo with the dates after the jump though. Ain’t I nice?


Architects release new song


It’s called Devil Islands and it’s pretty fucking sweet. If you want to listen to it, you can do so in exchange for a “like” on their Facebook page.


Bring Me The Horizon just got a bit better

Bring Me The Horizon

How, you may ask? Did they finally step out of puberty and got some proper vocals (seriously, look at that picture, they look 13)? Did they sell their soul to Satan and got some mad skills overnight?

No and no. The only way this band can become better, is if it stops playing, and that’s what going to happen — their drummer Matt Nichols broke his arm during a football accident (Americans: it’s the one where you hit the ball with a foot during the entire game). Harsh? Yes, but to rid you of your fears and anger (all three of you fans reading this), their shows are actually continuing as planned, with Dan Searle of Architects replacing him on drums.


Architects sell the odd album

British scene-core band (Metalcore? Deathcore? Apple Core?) Architects apparently did rather well in their home country with their latest album, The Here and Now, debuting at number 57 in the charts.

In the US, however, the band didn’t do quite so well. They sold 900 copies in the first week. Which is roughly half as many cakes I sold in my school bake sale, 15 years ago. Although to be fair, there was a man that looked like Gary Glitter buying all the cakes.

Read more here. About the band silly, not my school bake sale.


Architects make a trailer

Metalcore moshers, Architects have posted an incredibly interesting* trailer for their forthcoming, 2011 album, The Here and Now. Watch it after the jump.

*May not be true.

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