Thin Lizzy’s legacy will be milked some more

Apparently Thin Lizzy frontman Phil Lynott hid some tapes in the 80s, before his death. Well, it’s not like someone is gonna try to make money off them 25 years later now, is it?

Twenty six years after the Dublin rocker’s death at the age of 36, more of his lost music will be heard by the public for the first time in June. Shortly before he passed away in 1986, Mr Lynott gave 150 tapes to a third party for safekeeping. The cache of up to 700 songs has finally been released to record company Universal Music.

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Oh, my bad, it’s 26 years and yes, of course someone will milk the name Thin Lizzy some more.

Don’t get me wrong, more Thin Lizzy for us? That’s not bad news, sure beats waiting for Stone Sour‘s album. Sure beats waiting for Thin Lizzy‘s non-Lynott album, too.

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