Corey Taylor can use Twitter, let’s us know he’s working with Dave Grohl

Shocking, right? I didn’t think that Corey Taylor would use Twitter, he seems kinda above it. Like, it’s for people who usually have loads of free time and shitty bloggers, not people as important as Corey, who are always on tour, promoting their books, giving rad speeches, rocking the acoustic guitar or whatevs.

Oh, the other thing… Seems he made a collaboration with none other than Dave Grohl and Butch Vig, and people are speculating it’s got something to do with Grohl’s other recent team project, a song with Ratt, and that in fact it might be revival of Grohl’s Probot project.

Anywho, the tweet:

HUGE checks off the Bucket List today- did a song with Dave Grohl and Butch Vig. Do the words ‘holy shit’ say enough about it?!?

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