Five Finger Death Punchline

Five Finger Death Punch drummer, Jeremy Spencer and guitarist, Jason Hook, were recently interviewed by Musik Universe.

When asked about the overwhelmingly negative comments their band receives on Blabbermouth.net every time a Five Finger Death Punch story is posted on the site, Jason said, “I skip right to the comments, actually. I’m like, ‘Oh, a story on us….’ Right to the bottom.” Jeremy added, “I think it’s great, man. I just want it to be creative when they dog us. I wanna see something that’s really funny that sticks out, ’cause I love it; I think it’s great. The bonehead, stupid, typical dogging, that’s not funny to me, but if they go out of their way to be creative, I love it. I say, bring that stuff on; that’s awesome.”

That’s funny, “bonehead, stupid, typical dogging, not funny” — Holy shit, is it me or did they just describe their own music? Nah, that’s not fair I guess, FFDP are really creative sometimes. Like that time they released a cover song as a single. Or that time they borrowed a few nu-metal riffs and called it an album. Twice.

For more on Five Fanny Dingo Plank, check out Blabbermouth.

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