With Guido discussing some of the most influential Death Metal bands in his “Death Metal Week” series, I thought I’d highlight a band that influenced more or less nobody, but still caused me some psychological damage when I was 17.

I was never a Death Metal kid. Since none of my friends were either, my exposure to Death Metal was limited to catching a Morbid Angel or Obituary video on ‘Headbanger’s Ball.’ While good, these bands were hardly the most “extreme” bands in the genre, even in those early days. I wanted something that was uncomfortable to listen to and, if found, would force my parents to stage some sort of intervention.

Then one day, while browsing the cassette racks at the local music store, I came across The Dead Youth’s album Writhing. I knew instantly where my lawn mowing money was going. Make the jump for more.

With song titles like “Rectum Wreckage,” “Hideous Reproduction,” and “Sacramental Molestation,” these guys have to be good, right? They seem a bit transfixed with sodomy, brutal rape and molestation, but I’m not here to judge. I’m sure they’ve discussed these issues at length with their individual therapists. I know I have.

This drummer sucks and I’m not even sure he is playing the same song as the rest of the band, but I don’t give a fuck because this shit is awesome! This was back before Death Metal became “technical” and lost its way. rue brutality!

This song is so heavy it makes me feel violated. Based on the title, that was probably their intent. A picture of the band pops up at about 1:36 and it’s pretty much exactly what you’d expect… four virgins hanging out in a cave talking about how much they love talking about anal rape with each other.

“I want to take your fucking balls, and I’ll bite them with my fucking teeth…” is possibly the best live set introduction I’ve ever heard. I’d buy that t-shirt.

These guys should have received more attention back in the day. This is what Death Metal is all about!

What’s your favorite group of overcompensating virgins? [Insert name of any Death Metal band here]

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