Scott Ian wants to take away your internet connection

Scott Ian talked to ‘Broward Palm Beach New Times’ (whatever that is) about music piracy. I guess it’s safe to assume he’s not a big fan of it, eh?

When asked what the punishment for illegal downloading should be, this is what Scott had to say:

You lose your Internet. That’s it, no more Internet for you. Seriously! Like you drive drunk, you lose the privilege of driving. You download illegally, you lose the privilege of having the Internet. The punishment fits the crime. Why these service providers don’t stop the torrent sites and put a consequence on this, I have no idea. Everybody complains about the trillions of dollars being lost, but nobody does anything about it. Believe me, if I could do something about it, I would.

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Ya done goofed, guys. If Scott backtraced your downloads, the cyber police will be on your ass! What, don’t know what I’m talking about? Jeez, stop getting laid and spend more time on the interwebz, loser.

Listen, I’m not gonna get into a discussion about piracy. It is bad, it does hurt the industry, and if you do it, at least own up to it: YOU ARE STEALING.

Now I’m not one to judge people who get shit for free, but at least be honest with yourself and admit what you’re doing, and stop disguising it as ‘sharing.’ If you are into sharing, fine, let me borrow your car for a few months. You won’t mind, right? Let’s share!

I hate to quote Lars in these embarrassing times for Metallica fans, but “sharing is only fun when it’s not your stuff.” Make the jump to see the skit I’m quoting from.

This was at the 2000 MTV Video Music Awards, probably the last entertaining VMA. I was pretty young back then, but I saw it live and it was fun. Anyone remember the RATM incident?

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