Lars hearts Maiden, talks future ‘Tallica plans

Lars Ulrich says he wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Maiden. I’d actually credit James for getting Lars where he is today, but hey, let’s not change the subject…

So in a recent interview, Lars praised Maiden and talked about Metallica‘s future plans… Check out a few excerpts below:

We [are] all incredible Maiden fans, obviously, and I don’t think Metallica would be where Metallica is today if it wasn’t for Iron Maiden, not only paving the way but also for just inspiring me in 1981 to form a band. We were sitting there recording the Garage thing in LA and it was a pretty loosey-goosey set of sessions and one day we started going into “Run To The Hills” which is one of those things that anybody could attempt at any time.


We’ve got our thirtieth anniversary shows coming up in San Francisco in December, so we’ve got a perfect rest of the year. We’ve got a couple of shows, get of the house for the weekend type of thing, we’re doing this Lou Reed thing which is absolutely fantastic and then it’s the eternal back to writing songs and making another record thing.

Read full article here.

I’m still waiting to be invited with a full press access to the anniversary shows. Come on, guys, I’d write the best piece on those concerts, don’t cheap out and fly me to the shows. I’ll bring my own beer.

Anyway, I’m glad they’re already trying to write a new album, because Lulu was just… Argh… But given the new dubstep trend, I’m really afraid they’ll pull a Load, ReLoad or St. Anger and simply try to do what’s popular right now and change their sound completely.

I guess time will tell… In the meantime, I have to agree: Iron Maiden fucking rules.

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