Detective Mark to the rescue

I’ve never had my name in a title before, but now seems like the right time.

Before I embark on my epic post, please note that in the last week or two, I have been very isolated from the internet and general metal boards (not porn boards though, I’m always all over those), so I have no idea whether fans have already been discussing this already or not. However…

Today is the day that Black Sabbath have hinted they will make an announcement. If you have viewed their official site or Facebook page, no doubt you will have already seen the image highlighting the date 11-11-11. Today also happens to be the day that the UK’s Download festival will make an announcement (the festival is also celebrating its tenth anniversary).

Can you see where this going?… Today Download will announce that Black Sabbath will be headlining the festival next year (along with Metallica who are already confirmed). This will coincide with Black Sabbath‘s announcement that the original lineup has reformed.

Am I freaking genius or what? Ok, so it’s all pretty damn obvious already, but let me have my moment will you? If I’m wrong, I’ll eat my willy.

Stay tuned for the same post in roughly 5 hours and 20 minutes time, only it’ll be “official”.

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