Clown compares Iowa to Kubrick classic

Shawn Crahan, also known as that clown in Slipknot who does nothing, was interviewed by ArtistDirect about Iowa‘s 10th anniversary.

When asked what movie he’d compare the album to, this is what he answered:

I would say, not necessarily The Shining, but if you can imagine that child running through the maze at night with the snow falling and back-stepping his footprints to trick his father. It’s not so much the movie itself. However, think about this kid running through a maze. I guess the metaphor would be life and having forces out of control, which would be the weather. It’s deep snow coming down. It’s freezing. You’ve got to fight all of this. He’s running.

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What? Maze, running, snow? WTF???

I like ‘The Shining’ as much as the next guy, but except for the mild similarities between Jack Nicholson swinging that axe and this Clown swinging his bat on stage, nothing else about Slipknot is comparable to Kubrick’s masterpiece.


Pretentious scale: all time high.

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