Papa Roach who?

Maybe I’m just old, bitter and forgetful, but I was quite happy in having completely forgetting about Papa Roach. They say ‘ignorance is bliss’, after all. But what did I find upon browsing the latest Metal headlines today? I discovered that not only do the band still exist, but that they’re still writing music and wanting to “evolve” allegedly. Bleh, I’d give a buck to the first person to pass me a bucket.

So what’s in the Papa Roach news today? Well, Amy Harris recently conducted an interview with frontman Jacoby Shaddix (also known as Cody Dick, because, I don’t know, he likes dick? Maybe?). Apparently the band released a new album last year, which was half new songs and half live tracks. I’m going to speculate that the band couldn’t quite find the energy to actually write an entire new album, so just gave up half way and slapped some live tracks on, so they could sell it asap. Despite this laziness, the band are also working on new music, which will apparently see them “evolving” again (read: “Selling out”). Read an excerpt from the chat below.

“The jams, the music is sick. We want to separate ourselves from the pack again. When we came out in ’99 and 2000, we were like part of an underground movement and then that was really cool. Then that movement kind of fell apart and there weren’t many bands still out there doing it. So we evolved and separated ourselves again and evolved into more of a rock band. Now we have been lumped into all these rock bands and we are like, “Cool we like that. We like that sense of community in rock.” But I want to evolve it into something more even of our own sound[…] I wouldn’t necessarily say that is the move to make it creatively original. I just think the music we have been listening to, we have been listening to everything from honkytonk country music to electronic music to heavy metal to punk rock. I don’t want to make an average white-guy rock record. I want to make a fucking record that inspires people to fuck, fight, love, forgive. An inspiring album that makes people want to move, makes people want to do something.”

If you managed to read all that, congratulations, you’re infinitely more sad than me. But anyways, there you go, Jacoby Shaddix is going to inspire you. I hope you’re all prepared for this event of the millennium when Papa Roach come out with another album.

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