Hetfield says Big Four shows have ‘run their course’

I’ve never wanted to punch a host in the face as much as when I saw this video. Someone get that dude off coffee and on some ADHD medicine.

Anyway, the interview itself has some pretty interesting quotes from Jaymz, so might as well post them here in case you’re too lazy to either watch the full thing, or go read it on Blabbermouth (cause that’s where I stole this from):

On more Big Four shows:

Never say never, but I think it’s kind of run its course as far as Europe, for sure, and the two on the coasts here. I think it’s done what it needs to do for now, and then we’ll go our separate ways, do our albums, do our things. […] Who knows what happens in the future? It could be the ‘Big Ten’ and then we include… Who knows?! No limitations, man. But this has been a blast. And I think this might be the last one for at least a little while.

On the Lou Reed album:

Lou came with the lyrics; the lyrics were all finished. The lyrics are intense, and every time that I listen to this thing, there’s a line that I pull out and I just gnaw on that potent little thing all day. It’s like, ‘Man…’ It’s deep, and without getting too artsy-fartsy, you can take it to another level. It’s not party rock, that’s for sure. It’s deep, dark and intense.

On their 30th anniversary gigs:

We’ll have contests, we’ll have…. Who knows what goes on?! It’ll be Metallica insanity. And we’re trying to invite as many of the people who have jammed with us on albums or on stages, whatever, or songs we’ve done from them, we’re trying to get them up on stage […] Hopefully Lemmy, and Ozzy, and Tony, the Diamond Head guys, and who knows?! Whoever we’ve toured with as well. C’mon up — let’s have some fun and celebrate.


Here are my thoughts, cause you fuckers know I have an opinion on everything:

  • I’m willing to bet they’ll do more Big Four shows once each band finishes releasing/promoting albums. The demand is there, money is to be made, mark my words — it will happen again, and again, and again.
  • Lou Reed wrote those pretentious lyrics? Wow, surprise of the fucking century. I realize this is a passion project for ‘Tallica, but jeez, they’ll have a new St. Anger on their hands, if only through the fans’ perspectives.
  • I have to admit, having a show with Metallica, Lemmy, Ozzy, Tony and others would be fucking epic. I really want to go.  <whore> If anyone from Metallica’s camp is reading this, care to fly a metal e-journalist there? </whore>

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