Animals As Leaders reveal album tracklist

Animals As Leaders

Wow, it feels like it’s been days since my last Animals As Leaders news post. Well, the injustice has been fixed, and I can bore you some more.

The band has revealed the tracklist for the recently announced Weightless, and thanks to ThePRP, you can see it here as well. Copy/paste news, ????, profit, Simo’s own blow-up doll!

The album tracklist:

01 – “An Infinite Regression”
02 – “Odessa”
03 – “Somnarium”
04 – “Earth Departure”
05 – “Isolated Incidents”
06 – “Do Not Go Gently”
07 – “New Eden”
08 – “Cylindrical Sea”
09 – “Espera”
10 – “To Lead You To An Overwhelming Question”
11 – “Weightless”
12 – “David“

My favorite song title would be “Do Not Go Djently.” 

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