Staind fly on paper wings

They also make music with as little weight and substance as paper.

Staind have released another new song (OMG AMAZING!!!!11). It’s called ‘Paper Wings’ and it’s actually surprisingly good… Just kidding, it sucks of course.

You can listen to it below, in case the huge fuck off sized embedded Soundcloud block doesn’t give it away. Well, at least you’d think that would be the case, but apparently “the track is currently unavailable”. It’s nature’s way of telling you not to listen, trust me.
Staind - ‘Paper Wings’ by ATL REC

Source: Guitar World

  • Alan

    Wow you are a real jackass, this song is quite good and harkens back to the Staind of old. If you think you can do better, then form a band and get some real talent other than writing hateful blogs about a band you obviously know nothing about.

  • Cristina

    Can’t wait for Mark’s debut album! :-p

  • Alex

    You don’t have to be a chef to know the food tastes like shit. You should, however, learn to take this site less seriously.

  • Mark

    Mark’s debut album was awesome, my mom said so. She called it a rollercoaster ride of blistering riffs and memorable hooks.

    Alan, have you considered starting your own blog, getting some real talent, and not writing hateful comments about someone you obviously know nothing about? I, of course, actually welcome your comments though, in much the same way I’m sure Staind appreciate mine.

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