Mustaine says collab with Metallica should be for charity

…and the only thing I keep wondering is, who would be on the receiving end? Dave himself? No, I’m kidding, that’s just mean. In case you’ve somehow missed it, Dave talked about wishing to form a supergroup with Lars and James. He’s recently spoken with The Phoenix, and he shares more thoughts about the possible collaboration:

“I think James and I and Lars and David should do a record together and see what happens. Not as a band or anything like that, but something to donate the money to charity.”

Aaaaw, how sweet would that be? On a serious note, a thought of a Metallica 2.0, or Metallica: The Reboot does sound way more interesting than “Lulu.” Actually, I just farted and the noise was more metal than the name of that project.

Read the entire interview for more of Dave’s thoughts on today’s metal, first Big Four gig, usual yada yada on drugs, and his kids having weird Metallica-like names.

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