Happy birthday Dime!

Today would have been Dimebag’s 45th birthday, had his life not ended tragically 7 years ago. Coincidentally, today is also Fred Durst’s birthday. He was born four years after Dime, but he’s still a very important piece of rock history, just at the other end of the spectrum.

God: It’s August 20, 1966 right now… I think I’m gonna do something special today.
St. Peter: Are you gonna let another priest molest a 10 year old without doing anything about it, even though you are almighty and can pretty much stop pedophilia with one finger snap?
God: What? I do that daily, how would that be specia… Ohh, I see what you did there lmao
St. Peter: LOLZ
God: No, I’m just gonna create the most amazing metal guitarist ever. They don’t know what metal is right now, but they will in a few years… 20 years from now this guy will change metal music forever.
St. Peter: But God, is it really fair to all the other musicians to give all this talent to a single guy in a single music genre?
God: Don’t worry. Four years later I’m gonna give birth to someone who will pretty much shit on everything this guy will have accomplished.

If you were offended by the joke above, don’t worry. I actually don’t believe in God, so that whole conversation couldn’t have happened. Majorlulz.

[ image credit: xWoodlandCorex ]

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