Can we stop Stillwell?

It’s kinda hard for me, or anyone else in the world for that matter, to take a band that has Fieldy playing a guitar seriously in any way, so I might be feeding the troll here, but… Stillwell has a new video out for You Can’t Stop Me, lulz.

In case you don’t know, consider yourself lucky, because Stillwell is the band featuring Fieldy from Korn on guitars, Wuv from P.O.D. on drums, and two other guys who mistakenly think mixing rock with rap is the IT thing to be doing in 2011. Don’t confuse these guys with nu metal though, because they’re “street metal.” How do I know this? Because I’ve seen them live, and they had a song called Street Metal where they kept yelling “it’s street metal!” over and over again.

Now, while I’m busy going through the video trying to figure out if I can be seen in any of the shots and writing my suicide note, send your last messages and condolences to the rest of the Dose of Metal crew in the comment section.

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