Wolfmother singer arrested

Make no mistake, despite ripping off Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin (poorly I may add), Wolfmother are about as metal as playing badminton whilst dressed as a girl. But this news is just too interesting (well ok, it really isn’t, but it’s a weekend and news is slow) to not post.

According to NME, the Wolfmother frontman, Andrew Stockdale, was arrested yesterday and fined $350 after getting drunk at a bar, forcing his way on stage while a local band performed a cover of The Beatles’ ‘Let it Be’, singing a drunken version of the song with numerous swearing, and then engaging in a brawl.

What. A. Tit. In the words of Mike Patton in regards to Wolfmother, “are you hearing this shit? What year are we in? Wolfmother, you suck!” Don’t know what I’m talking about? Click.

A video of the drunken act can be viewed above. If you’re wondering what it sounds like, but have the sense not to press play, he sounds as shit as he does with Wolfmother, only he’s drunk and says motherfucker more than Fred Durst on a bad day.

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