Weekly Dose of Metal: With Passion

It probably seems odd, for lack of a better word, to post a ‘Weekly Dose of Metal’ straight after a ‘random dose of metal’, but I guess I’m an odd kind of guy. I mean I’m writing for Dose of Metal, so I have to be. Just ask fellow Dose of Metal writer Alex’s mom.

This week’s edition is all about a band called With Passion, a Melodic Death Metal band from Sacramento, California. They unfortunately broke up in 2007. That’s also the year I broke up with my wife, although I wouldn’t say that was unfortunate… The crappy picture above is unfortunate though, whilst we’re at it, but it’s the best quality photo of the band I could find on the internet, sorry.

The song ‘Train Wreck Orchestra’ is taken from 2004’s In The Midst of Bloodied Soil and can be heard below.

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