Random Dose of Metal: Judas Priest

Each week we post a ‘Weekly Dose of Metal’, but we also post a random Dose of Metal every so often, because we are called Dose of Metal after all. Normally the Weekly dose features some lesser known bands, whilst the random dose features some more established acts.

What’s the point? Well ultimately our opinions kick ass, and we like to think we make a difference to people’s lives around the world, by introducing them to kick ass music instead of the shit they play on radio.

So what’s today’s random Dose of Metal? Well it’s ‘A Touch of Evil’ by Heavy Metal legends Judas Priest. The song is taken from possibly my favorite Priest album, Painkiller, and the song is just full of power and the solo is amazing. The band are currently conning kids around the world into thinking they’re doing a farewell tour, and to be honest, I’m just a little bit gutted that I’m missing out.

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