Corey Talyor more positive about Slipknot

Drama, drama, drama. Drama makes the world go around, and Slipknot too, evidently.

After the on going ‘will Corey continue with Slipknot or instead pursue a pop career in a supergroup made up of The Jonas Brothers and Justin Beiber?’ saga, and with words from drummer Joey implying the band would continue with or without Taylor, it seems Corey is finally much more ‘positive’ about the band after these European shows.

According to Blabbermouth though, despite the new found positiveness in regards to Slipknot‘s return, Corey is still not keen on the idea of recording another album.

This, of course, presents some pros and cons however. Pro – No more shitty Slipknot albums in the vein of All Hope is Gone. Corey you’ve lost all your metal cred, so don’t even try to fake it. Con – Crap, this means more Stone Sour, doesn’t it?

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