Metal is epic

This morning, I was going through my usual routine of blasting some Metal music (a little Machine Head, a little Obituary) , and the thought came to me; Metal is epic. Ok, so that’s something we all know, but it’s true, it really is the best damn genre of music out there.

I do get sick of the constant prejudice I face on a day to day basis regarding the music I listen to. People seem to think Metal is some sort of monotonal, one dimensional, aggressive music that is marketed for predominantly white sub-urban, lower middle class teenagers. We all know that this is just not the case though. Metal is for everyone, and not just that, it is one of the most diverse, experimental, and progressive, inclusive genres of music that unites people of all walks of life. Just compare bands like Opeth to Machine Head, Between the Buried and Me to Amon Amarth, and Black Sabbath to Dream Theater, and you will see just a small part of what Metal has to offer.

Compare music to food, and Metal is like a fine meal. The mainstream music that is currently taking up the radio and music channels is like the McDonald’s or Burger King of music. It seems appetising, and “everyone” loves it, but in reality, the food is made up of mass-made, processed, manufactured cheap crap. Metal, on the other hand, is a fine meal. It’s made up of layers and layers of different flavors, each organically grown, and crafted with the finest care.

It seems ridiculous, when you think about it, that the mainstream constantly refuses to acknowledge real Metal and Rock music, when the three of the strongest selling artists right now have got to be AC/DC, Iron Maiden and Metallica. No, not Lady Gaga, not Katy Perry, but AC-fucking-DC are still taking the world by storm all these years after they begun.

Why all the food analogies? Because I’m a fat bastard, obviously. I know, I know, pointless rant is pointless, but I am tres bored.

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